With so many options available at your disposal, choosing the best digital marketing agency to work with has become quite tricky. Fortunately, there are a few key factors you can take into account to simplify the decision-making process. Below are some of the critical considerations when choosing a digital marketing agency to work with:

Services Offered/Specialisation

Goals can differ from one company to another. That said, what worked for others may not work for you. In line with this, you need to identify the digital services you need to achieve the goals you have identified. Is the digital marketing agency you are considering offering the services you are looking for?

It is also important to keep in mind the trade-off between full-service one-size-fits-all agencies and specialisation agencies. For instance, you need to consider the agency’s ability to provide multiple services based on your needs at a time or based on a more holistic and larger strategy. 

Case Studies, Reviews, and Testimonials

Consider lack of proof as a red flag. It is also recommended that you don’t rely on Google Reviews alone. It would be best to ask the agency to provide proof of their work or check their website for testimonials and reviews from previous clients. Testimonials and other social proof will give you some insight on what to expect.

Smart marketers and event planners nowadays understand the importance of displaying social proof on their sites. If you can’t find any in the website of the digital marketing agency you have shortlisted, it’s safe to assume they don’t understand the current digital space as much as they say they do.

Company Culture and Core Values

It is ideal that you have the same company culture and core values with your chosen agency. Why? You will be able to get along better if you have the same values and operate in the same environment. This can also help ensure you can mesh and work better as a team. 

Come to think of it, an agency should be considered an extension of your team. Picking an agency with similar culture and values is just as critical as evaluating their quality of work. The last thing you want is the hassle and headache of working with an agency who doesn’t work or operate the same way you do.

Well-Designed Website

Great digital marketing agencies are aware of the importance of a well-designed website. If they are not executing their own internal projects accordingly, you can’t expect them to deliver the exceptional results you are looking for. This is especially important if they are offering design services or website development.

Honesty and Transparency

Unfortunately, this one is hard to measure since the industry is full of shady agencies and practices who often look after their own interests rather than that of their clients. However, you will be able to get some insight into the honesty, transparency, and character of the agency through conversations with them.


The right digital marketing agency should put much emphasis on moving the needle for your organisation. This means they should always highlight metrics and KPIs. Give them some brownie points if they mention KPIs and metrics on their proposal, website, and conversations with you.


At the end of the day, the value a digital marketing agency offers is what matters the most. It is also important that you don’t pick a digital marketing agency based on their price alone. Value should always be a key consideration. Ask your shortlisted digital marketing agency to clearly explain the value they are offering.

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