Top events planners are professionals with a specific set of critical skills that make them great at planning and organising events. While others are natural at event planning, others have developed the knowledge and skills through years of experience. Below are some of the must-have skills every exceptional events planners possesses:

Time Management

Event planners need to manage their time accordingly to meet deadlines. There’s a million things they need to be on top of including scheduling of deliveries and arranging set-up times so they need to have superb time management skills. Great time management can also ensure everything is done right on time.

Problem-Solving Skills

No matter how much they prepare, there will be instances when unexpected things happen. Great events planners stay calm and think on their feet. They also possess presence of mind so they can think of solutions rather than focus on the problem. Events planners are also exceptional at thinking outside the box.

When the unexpected happens (i.e., the keynote speaker is stuck in traffic or there are last minute changes to the menu but the caterer can’t be reached), event planners need to make fast and out of the box decisions. Fortunately, top events planners are a pro at solving unexpected problems quickly and efficiently.

Ability to Multitask

Events planners have a lot on their plate. It’s safe to say they are also dealing with so many things going on at once. Come to think of it, they are handling many events from different clients and they need to provide the same level of attention to each. Fortunately, they have mastered the intricate skill of multitasking.


One natural skill many events planners possess is creativity. Developing new, unique, and fun ideas for clients often comes naturally for them. They are also able to infuse passion, originality, and imagination to each of the events they organise. With great event planners, you will discover cutting-edge ideas that truly stand out.

People Skills

It goes without saying that event planning will require mastering how to get along with all kinds of people. Whether it’s negotiating with vendors, networking, discussing menus with the caterer, or pitching ideas to clients and prospects, they would need exceptional people skills.


Events planners have to stay on top of things so they have this never-ending checklist, itineraries, and to-do lists. Luckily, most event planners are highly skilled when it comes to organising, not to mention they have a real passion for it. They also use powerful tools that can help them stay organised and on top of things.

Passion for Planning

One of the most important skills needed by event planners is their passion for planning an event from start to finish. The best events planners are proud, energetic, and enthusiastic about their work and it shows in the quality of work they deliver. Events planners that are passionate about planning are the ones that excel in the industry.

Attention to Detail

An epic and well-executed event does not happen by coincidence. It is a compilation of many details both big and small that are carefully thought over, planned, and put together by a topnotch events planner. Not only that, event planners need to also control so many aspects of the event.

For instance, event planners need to ensure everything stays within budget, all the timelines are met, and other details are flowing smoothly. Whether it’s picking the throws and pillows, picking the perfect napkin rings for the dinner party, or arranging the transportation, it’s the events planner that makes it all happen.

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