In essence, virtual events are events that take place digitally. Virtual events make sure of certain features like online gaming, video calling, and webinars. One of the primary goals of virtual event companies is to ensure they deliver a holistic experience without requiring any of the attendees to leave their rooms.

There are different types of virtual events that work. Below are some of the events virtual event companies are familiar with:

Virtual Summits and Conferences

Thanks to their impressive outcomes, the demand for virtual conferences has experienced a periodic rise. With powerful online tools for engagement now easily accessible, organisers are able to read more people and invite keynote speakers from around the world. This helps save on cost without compromising effectiveness.

Exhibitions and Online Trade Shows

One of the best ways to maximise leads is to reach a global audience and this can be done effectively through online trade shows and exhibitions. Hosting online trade shows and exhibitions can also help ensure prospects across the globe are engaged. Live chat tools can also be used to convert warm leads into buying customers.

Virtual Wedding Expo

Putting a wedding together can be tricky. From finalising caterers to booking halls, there’s a lot of searching and running after vendors involved. Wedding expos can help simplify the process by getting all the vendors on one roof so attendees can take their picks. This one-stop solution makes the whole process very convenient.

Online Music Concerts

Online music concerts give global fans an opportunity to experience their favorite international artists live. A few years prior, this was something only done in countries like the UK, Canada, and the United States. Nowadays, having popular artists get together virtually to perform for audiences has become quite common.

Job Fairs and Virtual Career Fairs

Many organisations around the world found some of their best employees through virtual job and career fairs. Virtual career fairs and job fairs are also more effective because of helpful tools like job boards and audio/video and video assessment tools. Virtual job fairs also allow employers to promote their brands globally.

Virtual University Fairs

Many universities have now resorted to setting up fairs to help students get the opportunities and information they need to achieve their goals. To engage their target audience, they need to make sure they are accessible and visible. Nowadays, university fairs can be accessed using any device from basically all corners of the world.

  • Virtual open day. This allows prospective students to learn about the university, fill lead capture forms, and interact with the faculty. Virtual open days are also considered effective at attracting and engaging 3 to 5 more students than a physical event.
  • Virtual student/alumni networking fair.  This event aims to connect students with successful university alumni. The use of discussion forums, chat tools, webinars, and other rich interactive tools can make this type of event even more powerful and effective.
  • Virtual education fair. This event can help universities highlight their culture, programs, and infrastructure to a diverse student base. Additional virtual education fairs can also be used to educate students about the higher study options that are available at their disposal.
  • Virtual job fair. This type of event helps alumni and students network and engage with leading employers so they can find and land the jobs of their dreams. Typically, virtual job fairs are made even more successful and effective by online platforms that are laden with powerful and helpful interactive tools.

Virtual Benefits Fairs

This type of event is designed to help employees learn more about their employee benefits through interactive and straightforward means. This also eliminates the long hours and hassles HR needs to spend educating each employee about their benefits. More importantly, it provides a great way for employees to access apt plans.

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