Let us crush a common misconception: company retreats are not extravagant perks that only big and established businesses can afford. Ideally, businesses regardless of size should (and can) host company retreats for their employees. The bond your team builds during company retreats is invaluable in building a successful company.

While not every company can afford to take their team on a lavish tropical island getaway, it is reassuring to know that there is no shortage of ways to host a company retreat without spending a fortune. Below are some of the best company retreat ideas you can look into that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Cost-Effect Company Retreat Ideas

If you are looking for affordable company retreat ideas, the following should make your list:

Talent Sourcing

One of the best ways to keep things within budget is to source activities and hobbies your employees are interested in outside of work. For example, do you have a meditation specialist or yogi among your staff? Is there an avid knitter in the team? Lean into their internal interest and enable them to lead a training or lesson on their interest.

This strategy will not only give your employees something to do outside of the office, it can also clearly show that you prioritize the skills and hobbies of your employees that are not connected to their jobs. You just might be surprised with how much your staff and employees can learn from one another.


If there is a huge conference that the majority of your company will attend, it would be a great idea to tack your company retreat onto that so you can save on travel costs.


With the right weather conditions and equipment, camping can be a wonderful opportunity for teams to learn to interact and engage in various ways. Building campfires, hiking, and maybe even swimming will give members of the team a change to bond and intermingle. Pitching tents outdoors is not only fun but also budget friendly.


One of the unique and affordable ways you can get your team to connect and bond is to take them to a no-frills environment. Come to think of it, when you eliminate role descriptions and titles, everyone will have fun and get to know others completely free of pecking orders and hierarchy.


Your employees can still have a great company retreat without leaving your city. In line with this, consider hosting your retreat at a local hotel with great restaurants and a pool. It would feel like heading out of town without really spending much.

When considering a successful company retreat, planning is key. For starters, it is ideal to have the right mix of activities, business, and free time. While talking shop is a priority, it is important to remember that the primary goal of a company retreat is to connect and relax in real time.

More importantly, when managing remote teams, a company retreat can give everyone in the team a chance to build real life connections and engagement with other members they have not bonded with. When it comes to remote teams, it is important that every member of the team can feel part of the group and integrated.

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