Roadshows are considered the ultimate field event, with some referring to them as field events on steroids. The primary purpose of roadshows is to take a company’s brand and message on the road. To significantly boost product knowledge and brand awareness, campaign event companies conduct roadshows in sequence.

With the expert help of a seasoned campaign event company, roadshows can also help spread the word about your company in an interactive format. Typically, roadshows are half-day events that are designed to bring together partners, prospects, and customers for networking, product demonstrations, and thought leadership.

How Your Company Can Benefit from a Roadshow Campaign

Below are some of the ways your company can benefit from a roadshow campaign:

It provides a great experience for participants

Roadshow campaigns give companies an opportunity to provide a great and memorable experience for those customers and prospects who are not used to the vibrancy of roadshows done in major cities. The more sites visited and the more people attend your roadshows, the better it will be for your brand.

It gives you an opportunity to showcase your product

Roadshows allow you to put your products/services and brand at the center of the experience to create anticipation and excitement. When you match site visits with launch dates in various places, your brand can surely profit from the local publicity generated.

Roadshows are also the ideal place for employee education and training. Most product launch experiences will span B2C, B2B, and internal companies in different industries ranging from consumer products to med tech.

You can use it to conduct sales trainings

Roadshows are also the ideal venue for training if your training center is currently renovated or unavailable. You can also use roadshows as an alternative if you have an extensive list of staff who want face-to-face training.

You can use it for live product demos

Here’s an interesting statistic: live product demos have been known to influence up to an impressive 80% of the purchasing choices of customers. A staggering 98% also admits feeling more motivated to purchase after attending a live product demo.

The figures speak volumes about the power of live product demos. Product demos are also considered the key to unlocking high-value orders. Also, with roadshows, engaging with difficult-to-reach audiences is so much easier.

It encourages employee engagement

If your company is spread geographically, a meticulously planned roadshow can help ensure all the employees will have the same experience, sans all the costly expenses like hotels, time away from the office, and flights.

Since there is consistency of delivery, employees will all feel equally appreciated, respected, and important. When done correctly, roadshows can also bring everyone in the team together and create better camaraderie and lots of goodwill.

You are able to provide a last impression

Roadshow events will not only leave a favorable first impression to attendees, it can also leave them wanting more. During roadside events, you have the opportunity to provide customers and prospects with a memorable and fun experience through entertainment, food, and free goodies.

Undoubtedly, roadshows can help leave a favorable and lasting first impression to attendees (current customers and prospects alike) and help them develop an interest in your brand and the products or services you are offering. Roadshows can also help entice prospects to get to know your brand or company better.

They can help build your reputation as a thought leader

Roadshows will give your company representatives an opportunity to get on a stage and talk about the latest trends in the industry. When you provide everyone in attendance with valuable and powerful insights, it can help establish your reputation as a thought leader in the industry and someone they should do business with.

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