Choosing the best theme for your dinner and dance event is crucial to its success. Once a cool and epic theme is determined, it can give your dinner and dance organiser something to work with so they can create a fun and historic night everyone will remember. 

If you are planning a dinner and dance event, below are some of the cool theme ideas your dinner and dance organiser might recommend:

Wild Wild West

Denim, plaid, and cowboy boots will never go out of style! Create an authentic old west experience and say howdy to your fellow attendees in straw hats and red bandanas. If you want to add a more personalised touch, you can paste “Wanted” posters of team members. It can even double as a door gift!

You can also use photo booths with classic jail backdrops as they are often a hit in parties with a Wild Wild West theme. For the choice of games, consider a rodeo bull rental and a safety inflatable arena for a friendly yet fun challenge.

Horror Nights

Dinner and dance events can get boring if you stick to a cut and paste template. Nothing screams fun and exciting like a horror themed event. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress as spooky characters. From Lestat to Pennywise, there is no shortage of iconic horror characters to dress up as.

For the decors, you can never go wrong with stringing cobwebs and hanging skeletons. For a full experience, don’t forget spooky and candle-lit tables.

Back to School

Many people love reminiscing about the good old days when they were in primary and secondary school. No matter the age, many people feel young again when they dress up in school uniforms. You can transport guests back to the classroom through organised games and chalkboard decors.

Games that test one’s knowledge on biology, geography, and history would also be great additions. A great events organiser can also set up photo booths decorated as a school bus or classroom to capture the night’s memories.

Swinging 60s

While some companies prefer to have formal dinner and dance events, you can encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zones and relive the nostalgia of the lively and colorful 60s era. 

You can make things especially fun by encouraging participants to dress in floral flared pants and kaleidoscopic dresses as they show their dancing prowess on the dance floor. It would also be a great idea to decorate the venue with psychedelic lights, a metallic disco ball, and colorful streamers.

Oscar Awards

Who can resist the glitz and glamor of Hollywood? You can recreate this sophisticated and glamorous event by handing out award trophies shaped as the iconic gold Oscar statuette. 

Attendees can be their posh selves by dressing in dapper suave suits and elegant gowns. For some added sparkle, the venue can be adorned with clapboard centerpieces and even movie ticket invitations.

The Great Gatsby

If you want a classy theme that showcases the spirit of wealth, Great Gatsby would be a great option. There’s no shortage of statement pieces when it comes to this theme including Moet & Chandon champagne bottles, black suits, Daisy’s pearl necklace, black suits and low back dresses. 

To set the ambiance, you can have jazz playing in the background and owl eyes for the backdrop.


If you want something that’s unconventional, you can go for outdoor event places. Bohemian themed dinner and dance events are usually best done with handmade crafts for the table decor and cushions for chairs. 

Since this theme premises largely on the spirit of freedom and nature, consider open spaces like fields or by the shore where you are surrounded by the sound of crashing waves.

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