Key Event Management Skills to Develop

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Events management is a complex and rewarding career that requires individuals to bring a wide array of knowledge and skills to the table in order to achieve success. From developing a solid business acumen and networking skills to branding and promotion, there are certain key skills that event management companies should focus on developing if […]

Your Quick and Easy Guide to Planning an Event

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Whether you are organising a large conference or a small meeting, you have to stay on top of everything to ensure its success. Planning an event is no easy task and will often require the help and expertise of top event companies. From determining the appropriate budget to promoting the event, a lot of aspects […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Event

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If you plan an event without the expert help of an event company, prepare for quick turn times, high pressure, and fast-paced decisions. When it comes to events, top event companies on Singapore have seen it all so investing in their help makes perfect sense. While making mistakes is part of the planning process, there […]

What Should Be on Your Event Planning Checklist?

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Many events planners create a planning checklist to ensure the success of their events. Whether you are planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, an event planning checklist is your ally. Below is an event planning checklist many event planners swear by: When creating your event planning checklist, you need to cover the basics, including: […]