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Most Creative – Government Sector/Non-Profit Marketing Category

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Judged by a distinguished panel of judges comprising senior client marketers in Singapore, the MARKies 2022 is the definitive awards programme for the industry’s top agencies in Singapore. This year’s entries were filled with unrivalled creativity and innovative marketing professionals who pushed boundaries. Blag Events is honoured to have received the Bronze award under the category of Most Creative – Government Sector/Non-Profit Marketing Category. 
Bronze Winner

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Trusted by top brands and corporations, Blag offers an array of solutions in this ever-changing industry to overcome your events and digital challenges.


Lau King Poh, Chairman of the Organising Committee, Fluidigm Singapore Pte Ltd

Event was well planned & coordinated and the whole night activities were carried out smoothly without a hitch.

Guk Hong You, Realtek Singapore Pte Ltd

Everyone has had a great time and my management was very impressed by you and your team’s effort for creating such a fabulous night. The music, atmosphere and emceeing were great!

Rachel Pan, Human Resource / Finance Director, Galmon (S) Pte Ltd

Very responsible and responsive to our queries. They were also very forthcoming in proposing creative activities. Furthermore, they have been very accommodating to our requirements and are very detail-oriented.

Jasmine Yap, Managing Director, Hilandas Property & Facilities Management Pte Ltd

It is amazing & unbelievable that our first collaboration is already such a hassle-free process. This is only possible as your team was proactive in executing all the required task. We are confident that we will have more enjoyable events with you as our trusted Events Company.

Joxlyn Tay, Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF)

We are happy that the event ended successfully, and was managed smoothly. I think that’s important to us as it gave a good experience to our guests. Thanks for your team’s suggestions & ideas and accommodating to our numerous request and changes.

Nerissa Lim, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd

During the Year-End Party, there was a short power cut in the ballroom, however with their quick thinking, the team salvage the moment & the recovery was superb. We appreciate their willingness in acceding to many of our requests, last minute changes and promptness in their follow-ups. They delivered what we wanted.

Stacey Do Tran Kim Thu, HR Executive, Heraeus Asia Pacific Holding Pte Ltd

Enthusiastic service in delivering a spectacular and memorable event! All of our guests greatly enjoyed the night and everyone was so into the endless fun dancing & gaming sessions. We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests and we certainly look forward to working with you again in the future!

Jessilyn Goh, Leica Geosystems Technologies Pte Ltd

Initially, we were hesitating whether to engage Blag, partly because Blag is new to us. Surprisingly, Blag has done not only a good job BUT marvelous job for us. Blag’s manpower strength on the night itself was more than we expected. We could see how well they are organized. Well done! We would certainly keep Blag with us for our future events.

Fun and Quirky Team Event Ideas Your Team Will Love

Ideally, corporate events should be all about building great relationships and having fun. Moreover, it should be about saying a huge “thank you” to everyone in your team for their hard work and dedication. Many companies opt for a few drinks on a Friday, free meals for a week, or a fabulous Christmas party.

While all are great ideas, most events company would prefer to host something more fun and quirky. The good news is there is no shortage of unique, fun, and quirky team events you can try. They are all designed to help you achieve your event objectives while ensuring everyone will have a grand time.


Below are some of the quirky, fun, and exciting team event ideas many events companies would recommend:


  1. Flash Mobbing. Flash mobs are typically seen as dances but if some of your employees have two left feet, you can get creative and come up with other ways that you can take this awesome team building idea to the streets.
  2. Blindfolded Food Tasting. This team building event is considered one of the best ways to test your employees’ fear of the unknown. Also a popular video trend on YouTube, blindfolded food tasting will require that participants will sample food or beverages while being blindfolded. They also need to guess what the food item is. The options can be as wacky and weird as you please. However, make sure that you check for any allergies before finalizing anything.
  3. Sumo Wrestling. This is another quirky and unusual team building activity. Participants will have to wear a fat suit and allow their inner sumo wrestler to shine. Some event companies will provide everything you need to host a fun sumo battle including helmets, gloves, traps, mats, and suits. 
  4. Inflatable Games. If sumo suits don’t appeal to you, consider hosting inflatable games. This can include basketball, slides, jousting, and a ball pit. Set up a playground of exciting inflatable games, hype up your employees, and let everyone enjoy a day of healthy workplace competition.
  5. Chariot Racing. This is yet another unusual team building activity you can add to your list. Without doubt, chariot racing can bring everyone in the team together in unconventional ways. Teams should also be required to build and design their own racing chariots and have people act as horses. The “horses” will put the chariot riders around a tricky obstacle course and have them fight for first place. You can make this even more competitive by awarding workplace perks as prizes like free lunch or a day off work.
  6. Outdoor Activities. If you want your employees to step outside and become one with nature, hosting outdoor activities is the way to go. Great outdoor activities can include white water rafting, tree climbing, and zip lining. Paddling trips would also be a great outdoor activity you can consider. A paddling trip will give participants the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing ride and scenery to experiencing the thrilling rapids. 
  7. Circus Classes. If you are not a fan of the circus, this team building activity will most likely make you one. Take your employees to the circus and give them the opportunity to learn the best party tricks in the book. Circus classes being offered can include diablo, unicycling, juggling, trapeze, silks, acrobatics, trampolining, and tight wire. Often, no prior experience is required. This team building event idea will also provide every member of the team the perfect opportunity to learn a few cool and interesting skills with the rest of the team.
  8. Cocktail Creating and Alcohol Tasting. This is another fun team building activity people can enjoy. Set up a relaxing wine tour and tasting session through the best breweries or wineries or perhaps you can take the team to a class where they will learn how to create their own cocktails.

Key Elements to Consider When Creating an Event Plan

When planning an event, there are important elements that need to be taken into account to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Established event companies in Singapore know some of the key elements include the date, venue, budget, and guest list, to name a few.

By focusing on those important elements, an events company can easily create an event blueprint that can help ensure things go without a hitch. Below are some of the key elements you need to take into consideration when creating a robust and foolproof event plan:

Event Objectives

Every type of event has its own set of goals, objectives, and purpose. To ensure success, you need to set realistic goals and targets. Start by identifying the specific goals of the event you are planning. To determine your event goals, start by answering the following important questions:


  • How do you want to approach the event theme?
  • What do you want participants of the event to feel once they leave?
  • What do you want attendees to do?
  • What are you hoping to achieve from the event?


Once you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, you can easily create a plan that can help achieve those objectives. Without a clear objective, it can become difficult for you to make decisions about all the other important elements like the entertainment or the venue. 

Target Audience

Depending on the event goals you have identified, you will also need to determine your target audience and their needs. Once you have selected the people you want to target, you need to also figure out where to find them and how to reach them. If your event planning is not tailored for your target audience, you can waste time and money.


Identifying your target audience is easier if you have an understanding of who they are. To understand them, answer the following questions:


  • What are their interests?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What motivates them?
  • What are they into?


Once you know the answer to those questions, it becomes easier for you to create event messaging and content that will resonate with them and appeal to them on a personal level.

Right Venue

Depending on the targeted audience and the type of event, the right venue is vital to the success of your event. Ideally, there should be a connection between what the organization expects from the event, the audience served, and the venue selected. Below are some of the reasons why you should pick the right venue:


  • Effects on the event budget. The chosen venue can affect the overall budget as well as the additional costs. If you pick a venue that is costly, you might need to cut back on the other elements just to stay within the budget you have identified.
  • Audience participation. The chosen venue can help you determine the number of event participants. If you pick a location that is not accessible or one that does not have sufficient space for your guests, you might not achieve the desired number of participants or the desired audience participation.
  • Event atmosphere. Your chosen venue can also have an impact on the atmosphere of your event. For instance, if you pick a casual setting for a unique corporate event and the participants and attendees are more comfortable in the formal setting, they might not have a great time.